KHC009 - Nick the Trainer Dude

Nick Hammond, aka “Nick the Trainer Dude” will praise God and smile as his flexes up on you. His loving and infectious spirit distracts you from the pain and challenges he’s overcome. In some ways, Nick’s story reminds me of Job in the Bible, and along those lines, despite his suffering, Nick never gave up his faith in God. Nick Hammond is a beacon of hope.


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:01:00 Happiest man ever

0:03:00 Nick’s endeavors

0:03:58 Tough early years

0:07:51 Had to be something better

0:09:30 21 years old: Things got hard

0:11:49 The Rocky Mindset

0:15:20 Don’t ever give up

0:17:10 Must be nice

0:19:25 Food stamps for 13 years

0:21:15 10 years of grinding

0:26:30 Didn’t know I could be beat

0:28:00 Missing teeth

0:31:40 Power of prayer

0:35:00 Giving

0:38:12 Fire of 2020

0:41:50 Getting back to work

0:45:00 Cam’s influence on Nick

0:50:20 NYE shame

0:54:00 Cam standing up for his friends

0:56:30 Don’t wait to be great

0:58:50 Being a dad the second time around

1:00:20 Nick’s Pisgah challenge

1:04:30 Taylor Spike

1:06:48 Connecting with people

1:09:00 Nick’s purpose

1:15:00 Keep moving forward

1:17:02 Sponsorships


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