Ramping it up for Bowhunting

Butte-to-Butte 10K
Eugene, Oregon
July 4th 2007

What a great day! Running the Butte2Butte has been a Hanes family tradition for years, but this year it was even better than normal. A bunch of bowhunting buddies made the commitment to hit the pavement, and for many of them, enter their first official road race ever. All for one reason -- because they have been inspired to take their bowhunting preparation up to the next level. For me, this was so sweet to see. This is the kind of effort we can all give. Regardless of what each of us do, we could probably do a little more. All of these guys took the challenge, laced up their running shoes and lined up for a 6.2 mile challenge. The Butte2Butte is know for its first mile which is basically all up hill as it climbs Donald Street in Eugene. From there, Spencer's Butte, the course winds through town before ending at Skinner's Butte. It is a fun race that drew a record crowd this year -- 4,600 between the run and the accompanying Mayor's Walk.

Everyone did a great job in the run. In the photo we have Tracey Hanes (52:10), yours truly (37 minutes 10 seconds) with the new backcountry bowhunting haircut -- did you know hair holds scent? I do, so it was time for the clippers to come out -- no stinking hair is going to cost me a bull! Continuing on we have Shay Mann (52:56), Bryan Richardson (49:48), Wayne Endicott (51:48), Guy Harris (63:45), Jeff Brooks (49:50), Byron Davis (67:09), Nathan Endicott (34::07) and in the front row we have Truett Hanes - 10 years old (52:43), Tanner Hanes - 14 years old (50:03) and Steve Jones (56:50), who is bowhunting legend, Larry D. Jones' son. Not pictured is my brother Pete Hanes who logged his best ever 10k at about 47:33. Not too shabby. Did I miss anyone? If you hunt and ran the Butte, please let me know.

To me, time and where you come in is secondary. The point is all these guys got out there and made it happen. It definitely would have been easier not to run -- it would be real easy to have slept in knowing it would be a late night with fireworks and all. Get up late, read the paper with a nice fresh cup of coffee and eat a hearty breakfast, but instead all these guys got up early and pounded out a 10k. To anyone who puts out that effort to show the passion for the awesome tradition of bowhunting, you have my respect.

Keep hunting hard, Cam
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