McDonald Forest 50K


Awesome race of 31+ miles in the coastal mountains of Oregon. This race is run on a tough course that includes 6,600 feet of elevation gain. Finished in 4 hours and 36 minutes and as you will see on the top 20 list, finished up in 12th overall. But the coolest part, I beat arguably the most famous ultra runner of all time, Scott Jurek, by three and a half minutes This guys is definitely my ultra running hero as I mention in my book, Backcountry Bowhunting, where there is a photo of us on Page 86. As I mention in the book, he has been such an inspiration to me beings that he as won all the toughest ultramarathons, the Western States 100 over seven consecutive years, the Badwater 135 and many more. And he is getting ready to win (prediction) the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run this coming July in Colorado. Yeah, likely I caught him on a bad day or on the heels of a tough week of training, but we ran the same trails that cut through and over the same mountains, and I got him. An ol’ bowhunter taking down a legend. Once I knew I was a head of him, that was all I wanted to do, fight Jurek off. I got it done. This was the second anniversary of my ultra racing career. The McDonald Forest 50k in 2005 was my first ever and it sucked. Hurt bad. I struggled through in 5 hours and 29 minutes. Then last year, I did a little better and got her done in 5 hours and 7 minutes. Then this year, by getting it done in 4 hours and 36 minutes meant a half hour improvement over just a year prior. Things are definitely headed the right way. Two seasons of ultra running under my belt and I am finally starting to build some confidence. I think this racing year and then bowhunting season is going to be eventful beyond my wildest dreams. I am pushing the limits of what I thought I could ever do. I am pumped, it is going to be a big year!

Next up, the Wyoming Big Horn Mountain Trail Run on June 16th. Looking forward to hitting the Wyoming mountains hard. Another Oregonian, Sean Meissner is making the trip as well to try and defend his Bighorn 50 Mile title from last year. Sean is no doubt one of the best ultra runners out of Oregon and an all around good guy. We ran together for a while at McDonald, but his strength proved to be too much. He finished 8th, about 8 minutes ahead of me. I am also looking forward to Bighorn for another reason. My bowhunting hero, Dwight Schuh is running the 50k as well. It will be his first ever ultra. And, at 62, he is proving to be an amazing athlete. It will be an honor to share the experience with him. Can’t wait.
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