Eugene Marathon 2007

Ran the Eugene Marathon recently (April 29th) – started off really well. First half (13.1 miles) in 1:21:44 and I had visions of grandeur. I was running with the two women who went 1-2 and came in under the Olympic Trials qualifying standard. Stayed with them until around mile 18 and was still running strong at 20 as the breakdown shows – averaging 6:23 per mile, which would put me at 2:47 over the 26.2 mile course. Only that is when the wheels started to come off. My last 10k sucked, but for the first race of the year, I am not too disappointed. Finished 43rd overall, in a tough field, at 2:52:03. I’ll have some good video to post on my web site from the race in the next couple of days.

For me this is real early. I don’t generally ramp it up until summer with the goal of getting everything locked, cocked and ready to rock by bow season. All and all it was a great event – a good springboard if you will. I am hoping I will get deep into the 2:40’s once I get in shape, and really road running is not my gig. I am pumped and ready to build on today’s race. Next up, the McDonald Forest 31 mile ultramarathon with 6,600 feet of elevation gain, May 19th. Stay tuned. 



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