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Camp Sherman Oregon
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Pre-season Roadtrip – me, my brother, Pete Hanes, and buddy, Shay Mann hit the road for a two hour road trip from here in Springfield to hit the trails of a great unmarked 3-D shoot today. Awesome weather and a killer environment for all western bowhunters greeted us. We had a ton of fun, didn’t shoot half bad and I even ended up wining a little cold hard cash by hitting one of the “Money Dots”. That will work. This was the first time I’ve had a chance to shoot the Vectrix in the woods. Been pounding the targets in my backyard every night, but a good, challenging unmarked 3-D is a great test. It performed awesomely all day on the course which featured targets from 20 to over 50 yards. I am pumped.

My goal for any 3-D shoot is to score at least half 10’s and half 8’s on the 10-8-5 scoring system, which would give me 360 points out of 400 possible. No 5’s and obviously, no freakin’ zeros (misses) – don’t even remember the last miss I’ve had at a 3-D. Today’s shoot had tiny 12 ring super kills, so there was a chance to tack on a few extra points with pinpoint accuracy. In the end, I nearly achieved all my shooting goals. As you can see from my score card, out of the 40 targets, I ended up 6-12’s, 13-10’s, 18-8’s and 3 dang 5’s. The six 12’s offset those three 5’s, but the 5’s still, always drive me crazy. Besides starting off a little slow, I had a leg of the shoot where I simply lost focus – way too many 8’s in a row. My left to right was dead on all day, which is a great feeling as this means my anchor and technique is right on. No doubt from the daily shooting, which hammers home that muscle memory. I dropped the points I did because of yardage judging errors, which is something I will get dialed in before hitting the mountains to make my bowhunting dreams come true. It should be noted, like a lot of guys, even when shooting for score, I shoot my rig set up for hunting. I don’t set up a special bow for 3-D’s. The only reason I shoot 3-D’s is to help me in the hunting woods, period. I’ve never had a “3-D bow” and never really cared that much about scoring as high as possible in the competition, winning a trophy or anything. Not saying there is anything wrong with having that special 3-D rig, but to me, I just want to feel as comfortable and confident as possible with my hunting rig. It is a mental thing. At today’s shoot I was yarding back the Vectrix at 74lbs and it was pushing those FMJ 400’s about 275 fps.

Met some great people today – I love hanging out with other passionate western bowhunters. Thank you to all those I visited with today – lots of EBJ fans at the shoot! I hope to meet more of you at the next 3-D. Keep training and hunting hard – the rest will take care of itself. Cam
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