Thank You SLC - A Mecca for Hardcore Mountain Bowhunters

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 Me, Guy Eastman, Mike Eastman, Bertie Eastman, Ike Eastman, Nate Simmons, David Long and Corrinda had an amazingly productive weekend manning the Eastmans' booth at the SLC ISE show over the weekend. The booth was buzzing with excitement basically non-stop for three days as guys couldn't buy videos or books or sign up for the magazines fast enough. We are so thankful you all have such a passion with what we at Eastmans' are doing. Thank you, again. Guy and I also have to make special mention to all of those who attended our seminars. I can say with conviction the turn out was amazing. I love talking bowhunting, I love packing my bow around and I love people, so for me, it was a great weekend. Lots of interest and motivation - I had captive audiences which was so humbling for me. I signed hundreds more, Backcountry Bowhunting, A Guide to the Wild Side, books than I ever thought I would. I think we sold six full cases on Saturday alone. To all of you who came buy and said hi, I owe you, you made my weekend. I was in my element and loving it. 

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Here is Cameron with his friend, Isaac Aleman's beautiful daughter. Isaac has a great web site for the backcountry hunter - check it out - 
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