Sacramento ISE 2008


Thanks to all who came to my seminars this weekend at the International Sportsmen’s Show in Sacramento. Other than actually being in the mountains bowhunting, talking bowhunting is one of my favorite pastimes. I had many opportunities over the past few days to do just that.

All three of my “Hunting with Fred Bear Then & Now” seminars, Friday, Saturday and Sunday had big capacity crowds (Guy Eastman rocked the house as well during his gigs...great job Guy!). Then up at the Eastmans’ booth I met so many good people, as I sit here in the Seattle Airport waiting on a flight home, I get a smile on my face just thinking about it. From legions of hardcore bowhunters, to EBJ subscriber and serious bowhunter John Martin’s sweet daughters who both drew me pictures, to Kade and Cole Barrie, two cute little guys that wanted me to sign their hats and apparently are loyal Eastmans’ viewers already, all ends of the hunting spectrum were covered over and over. With all of this bowhunting passion down there in California it seems appropriate to share a quote from one of my favorite Fred Bear videos of many years ago, “The future of bowhunting is bright.” Fred’s words from more than 50 years ago still ring true today. Because he is a bowhunting legend and was a visionary that played such a vital role in the modernization of our sport, I asked permission from Bear Archery to use a few memorable clips of some of his old footage in my presentation this year, which they graciously granted. Hopefully, 50 years from now we can say the same thing Fred did about bowhunting’s future.

I think what I am alluding to in regard to the quality of people I visited with this weekend is capture perfectly in a couple emails I just received—


Just a quick note to thank you for a very enlightening perspective on hunting with a bow.  Like you I grew up with Fred Bear as a hero.  For my dad and I he ranked up there with the 12 apostles!     

Anyway, when you gave the book to the young man (Saturday's show) I was right behind him and he was absolutely stoked!  I overheard a few comments to his dad.  For him I am sure that this will be one of those great moments in his life.    Back to Fred Bear.  I'm not sure if you are a collector of Fred Bear bows, there may be an old Bear bow at my mom's home that was left after Dad passed away.  It was built like a long bow, but was made up of wood, fiberglass, and what appears to be one layer of aluminum steel.  If you want it and it is still there I will have it shipped to you.  I was at Mom's last October and it was there then.   

Once again thank you for a great seminar and all that you do.       


Hi Cameron,

I enjoyed your talk yesterday, the Fred Bear clips are great. I grew up with a dad who it totally dedicated to our sport and Fred's Field Notes and Hill's Hunting The Hard Way were my bed time stories. So many enter our sport with out any history of the roots and I totally appreciate you bringing this to your talks.


Until next time, keep working hard…those bowhunting dreams can come true! 

Next up Denver. See ya’ll next weekend in Colorado.

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