NEW Video - Thanks OBH


Thank you OBH for the opportunity to talk bowhunting to such a classy and passionate organization. The great tradition of bowhunting in Oregon is in good hands with all of you fighting for our cause. And, word has it, that the sold out crowd gathered for the OBH gig this year was the largest they've ever had. In fact, banquet organizer, Karen Demaris, told me that they had to turn away at least 25 who wanted to buy tickets to the banquet and join us for the evening, but there was simply no more room. Wow, what an honor. Thank you to all for the overwhelming support!

If you are interested in booking me to speak at your event? Let's make it happen. I never tire of talking hardcore bowhunting and representing our great sport is something I take very seriously. Bowhunting is my life!
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