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To all, thank you so much for the great support in Phoenix this weekend at the International Sportsmen’s Expo. Meeting passionate bowhunters and talking about our great sport is something I enjoy to no end. PHX was unique too in that of all the cities I’ve spoke in this year, I have never met so many young hunters fired up to get a chance to live their dreams in the mountains. This weekend in beautiful Arizona was inspiring in that regard. Another highlight, meeting Jeremy Ulmer and getting to hold his official SCI #1 non-typical Coues whitetail. What an amazing buck. Where it winds up in Pope & Young will be determined soon as he said it will be officially scored this coming Wednesday. There is little doubt it is one of the most impressive bow killed Coues of all time. Congratulations Jeremy. Your hard work paid off!

Thanks also for those who attended one of my seminars and took the time to send me an email like Corbett Mortensen. I love getting emails from ya’ll…keep them coming guys.

Hey Cameron,
It was great meeting you today at the Phoenix ISE show. Thanks for taking time to chat. My kids were pretty pumped to meet you. They think you’re the Lance Armstrong of bowhunting. Also, nice presentation. I gotta tell you, when my buddy lent me his copy of your book, Backcountry Bowhunting, I remember thinking, “How about hotel bowhunting” because I hadn’t done much backcountry stuff in the past. After reading the book though, I knew it had to be done. I’m glad fate smiled on me and let your book cross my path.
Anyway, great meeting you.
Safe travels.

Next up SLC! I am looking forward to seeing all my Utah friends this coming weekend. Sincerely, Cam
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