KHC035 Sally McRae

Sally McRae is a professional trail runner and mother of two from Southern California. When Sally was young, her parents recognized her natural competitive and passionate nature and helped her pursue her talents throughout high school. After college, Sally began running long distances while pursuing her career in fitness. In addition to training and running races, Sally is also passionate about inspiring others to live their best lives. She loves coaching, writing and speaking to groups of people whenever she can.


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0:00:00 Intro

0:01:27 Being Happy Despite a Hard Childhood

0:03:39 Sally McRae: Endurance Athlete

0:05:44 2023 Races: Goals and Struggles

0:14:16 The Ability to Rewrite Your Story

0:22:37 The Message of Life in Running

0:24:53 Purpose in Writing “Choose Strong”

0:27:35 Sally’s Mom: Life is Hard, Work Harder

0:30:06 GoRuck Ad

0:30:46 Breeo Ad

0:31:24 A Background of Faith

0:38:12 Having Hope in a Hard World

0:44:36 Finding Someone to Stand By You in Hard Times

1:11:08 Achieving Success Through Mentoring and Mindset

0:48:01 “Standing in the Rain”

0:56:58 Pressure to Be Tough

01:10:00 Comparison is the Thief of Joy

01:14:22 We Need a Part 2


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