Q&A with Michael Chandler

Live Q&A with Michael Chandler.


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:37 If you could add two more training partners for the KHC, who would they be?

0:02:43 Michael vs. Conor at MSG?

0:06:12 Is weight cutting fair? How should the UFC regulate PEDs?

0:10:47 What is Chandler’s walking around weight when not fighting?

0:12:36 Is a Cam workout similar to an MMA workout?

0:14:53 What do you consider the moment that shaped your mentality as an athlete?

0:16:00 The moment and the promise

0:17:30 Under Believing

0:18:01 Did I give all I have?

0:19:25 Slay the dragon

0:23:30 All I can do is put in work

0:25:24 Win the day 

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