KHC059 Eddie Gallagher

Join us for a discussion with Eddie Gallagher, retired Navy SEAL and co-founder of The Pipe Hitter Foundation who spent 20 years in the military, deploying nine times to Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2018 he was wrongfully accused of war crimes and eventually acquitted of murder, retained his rank, and kept his Navy SEAL Trident.

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0:00:00  Intro: Accusations of War Crimes
0:11:59  Eddie’s Book: The Man in the Arena
0:15:50  Mind Games to Get Eddie to Snap
0:18:38  Prosecution of Eddie’s Case & A Devious Corporate Ladder
0:27:33  Trump on Pardoning Eddie
0:29:27  Living the Dream: Eddie’s Career in the Military
0:31:33  Becoming a Leader Through Experience
0:34:48  Attributes of a Leader Eddie Avoided
0:38:51  A Family in the Military
0:42:55  Eddie’s Best Memories From the Military
0:46:32  Eddie’s Deployments
0:47:20  Joining the Marine Core
0:49:35  A Drive for Success
0:52:19  Seal Selection & BUD/S
0:57:50  Advice for the Men Who Want to Be A Seal
01:02:06  Imposter Syndrome
01:03:29  Lowering the Standard for Seals
01:08:16  The Advantage of Creating More Seals
01:09:16  Dan Crenshaw
01:16:29  The Story of John: Finding God in Prison
01:25:13  FAFO
01:31:27  Eddie’s Legal Team
01:38:02  Recognizing the Rules of Engagement
01:41:41  Eddie’s Goals
01:43:41  Comedy: The Mothership
01:46:49  Help in the Veteran Community
01:50:36  Eddie’s Patreon & Podcast
01:53:38  Outro

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