KHC084 “DREAM” the Movie

Join us for a discussion with Cam, Ben Pauling, Sam Pauling and Steven Cox as they cover the movie Cam has been acting in and the process  and message of producing the movie, “DREAM”. 

​​The movie “DREAM” covers the evil that’s pervaded our world which is at an all time high and our children are the ones that pay the most. Getting everyday people to do something about the reality that 2 Million children are trafficked every year is a daunting task, especially when our own media and entertainment industry wish to silence that truth.

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0:00:00  Intro: How the Movie Came About

0:10:08  Raising Money to Produce the Movie

0:13:09  Sam’s Position in DREAM

0:16:46  Ben & Sam’s First Short Film

0:18:34  “From the Producer’s of Godzilla” & A-List Actors

0:21:43  The Art of Movie Making & Creating a Movement

0:27:13  The Impact DREAM Has Brought to Cam

0:29:25  Ad Break

0:31:12  How it Feels to Produce a Movie After 4 Years in the Making

0:32:57  Long Days & A Love for Filmmaking

0:39:01  Cam’s Humility in Acting - What the Directors Like About Cam

0:39:20  Creating Organic Moments in Acting

0:43:14  A Season of Growth for Cam

0:45:02  Having a Strong Connection to Faith & God

0:47:38  Unexpected Events During Filming

0:51:19  The People Supporting the Film Currently

0:53:13  Cam’s Auditions

0:54:05  What Surprised Sam the Most

01:00:07  What’s Surprised Cam the Most on Set

01:04:24  Connections from Filming

01:06:04  Gideon’s Thoughts on the Movie Process

01:09:28  Outro

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