KHC083 Jeremy Eldredge

Join us for a discussion with Jeremy Eldredge, director of marketing at Hoyt. Cam and Jeremy talk about Cam’s sponsorship with Hoyt, marketing in the hunting industry and more!

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0:00:00  Intro: Sponsorships & What Jeremy Does for Hoyt

0:07:18  Marketing in the Archery Industry

0:10:38  Target Archery vs Bowhunting Influence

0:13:57  Bowtech Pro-Staff Cuts

0:15:30  The Most Powerful Social Media Source for Influencers

0:16:21  Brand Representation for Sales

0:21:57  Arrow Sound & Animal Reactions to Sound & Body Language

0:26:36  Jeremy’s Arrow, Blade & Bow Setup

0:29:16  What Sells Better: Aluminum or Carbon?

0:30:38  Ad Break

0:31:34  Draw Force Curve

0:34:37  Hoyt’s Pro-Staff

0:40:48  The Impact From Social Influencers & Archery Shops

0:45:04  Jeremy’s Thoughts on the Lift. Run. Shoot. Event

0:46:33  The Best Advice to Start Hunting

0:49:00  Too Many Hunters? Or are the Numbers Declining?

0:53:30  Social Media Algorithms

0:56:04  What’s Next for Hoyt?

0:58:27  Jeremy’s Best Idea for Hoyt & What Cam Could Do Better

01:02:14  Outro

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