KHC081 Lorenzo Sartini

Join us for a discussion with Lorenzo Sartini, founder & CEO of GoHunt. Lorenzo owns the vision of the company and keeps everyone on track to building a great product for western hunters and leading the team on their creative path, guiding content ideation, product development and core service offerings.

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0:00:00  Intro: The Decline in Hunting Numbers

0:05:36  The Growth of Technology in Hunting

0:08:24  Colorado’s Wolf Population

0:10:15  The Next Generation in Hunting Sponsorships

0:12:16  Anti-Hunters & the Government

0:16:10  The Right Representation of Hunting 

0:21:41  Lorenzo’s Partnership with Howl

0:26:58  Ad Break

0:29:00  Goals for GoHunt & Lorenzo’s Background

0:38:06  The Hunger to Create a Legacy and Continue a Tradition

0:43:17  “Grin-N-Grins” & Social Influence

0:50:49  Lorenzo’s Takeaways from the Lift. Run. Shoot. Event

0:55:29  Lorenzo’s Films on YouTube

0:58:52  Lorenzo’s Podcast: Big Hunt Guys

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