KHC078 Dr. Andy Galpin


Join us for a discussion with Dr. Andy Galpin, a professor of kinesiology and a renowned leader in the field of human performance. Listen in as Andy and Cam talk about how Andy got started, training fighters and more!

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0:00:00  Intro: Andy’s Interest in Human Performance at a Young Age

0:09:50  What Andy Loves About Training

0:11:46  Working for Athlete’s Performance

0:12:54  Hard Work vs Talent

0:20:17  Coaching Female Athletes

0:22:04  Coaching Boxers & Fighters

0:28:01  Ad Break

0:29:50  How Andy Got into Training Fighters

0:36:41  The Start of Andy’s Lab

0:39:25  Brian Ortega

0:49:08  Cutting Weight in Fighting & Performance

01:03:19  Preparing Yourself to be Fitter, Longer

01:11:21  Training Goals, Performance & Recovery

01:16:41  Andy’s Thoughts on Cam’s Training Method

01:25:56  Being Effective vs Being Efficient 

01:29:16  Andy’s Wyoming Bear Hunt

01:40:24  Andy’s Podcast: Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin

01:46:06  Outro

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