KHC076 Andrew Huberman

Join us for a discussion with Cam and Andrew Huberman. Today we’re talking about human endurance and how people like Courtney Dauwalter and Ken Rideout can endure the pain of long races.

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0:00:00  Intro: A Theoretically Scientific Upper Limit to Human Endurance

0:03:28  The Importance of Salt Intake

0:04:57  Neuromental - Effort and the Perception of Effort

0:09:10  Pain, Enduring & Dopamine

0:15:34  Sleep - The Ultimate Reset & “Micro-Naps”

0:21:38  Sleep Deprivation, Hallucinations & “DPI’s”

0:23:54  The Brain’s Functions

0:28:37  A Mindset to Embrace Pain

0:30:18  Ad Break

0:32:19  CONTD: A Mindset to Embrace Pain

0:40:55  Adrenaline, Pain After Injury & Head Injuries

0:52:45  Pain Limits Between Men & Women 

01:03:09  Forward Center of Mass: Enduring with Purpose

01:16:50  Outro

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