KHC068 “Can You Stand the Heat?” with Pete Nelson

Cam finally got his new sauna! Join us for a discussion with Pete Nelson, owner of SISU Saunas as they talk about the benefits of using a sauna, Pete’s love for running and more!

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0:00:00  Intro: Pete & Cam’s Run

0:05:13  Benefits of Using a Sauna

0:08:36  The Meaning of SISU

0:09:36  The Adversity of Pete’s Upbringing

0:14:09  SISU Sauna Sizes

0:17:38  The History of SISU

0:22:01  Pete’s Recent Ultra Run in Antarctica

0:29:57  Pete’s Dad’s Running History

0:33:44  The Goals for SISU

0:38:02  Pete’s Running Goals

0:40:40  Diet for Performance

0:46:14  Pete’s Dream Race

0:47:59  “The Secret Sauce” & Sleep

0:52:11 Outro

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