KHC067 Heat Check

Join us for a discussion with Cam Hanes, James G. Williams and Connor. They’ll be covering the latest news in Women’s Basketball, the Hardest Geezer’s Trek across Africa and more!

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0:00:00  Intro: Women’s Basketball

0:08:40  Stephen Curry & Men’s Basketball

0:09:39  Cam’s Movie Career

0:12:42  Wolf Torture in Montana

0:18:10  Cam’s 8K Run

0:22:35  Shotgun Trail Blast 50K

0:31:37  Ad Break

0:33:03  Other Runners of the Shotgun Trail Blast 50K

00:39:40  The Hardest Geezer’s Run Across Africa

0:43:17  Candice Burt & Camille Herron

0:46:27  Cam’s Mindset While Running the 50K

0:50:09  Upcoming Events

0:51:17  The Hardest Geezer was Kidnapped

0:53:08  Outro

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