KHC064 Ben Blankenship

Join us for a discussion with Ben Blankenship, 2016 U.S. Olympic middle distance runner and 100-mile ultramarathoner. Ben and Cam talk about the struggles of running a 100 mile race, Ben’s background in running and more!

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Connect with Ben:

0:00:00  Intro
0:02:05  Running is Always Hard
0:06:46  The Olympics and Ben’s Next Running Goal
0:07:57  Last Place or 4th & Living Up to Your Potential
0:16:40  John Ball & Recovering From Injuries
0:22:48  Discovering Running as a Kid
0:28:50  The Struggles of Ben’s First 100 Mile Race
0:40:38  Training for the 100 Miler
0:45:27  Running Summits to Build Strength & Having a Good Team
0:49:52  Upcoming Races & Cocodona
0:53:34  The Key to Racing a 100 Mile Race
0:55:47  Ben’s Training Regime & Body Composition in Running
01:01:39  Ben’s Diet & A Mindset to Keep Pushing Hard
01:13:51  Women Are Tough, Meeting the Right People & Writing
01:18:04  Eating Disorders & Mental Toughness
01:21:20  Running Alone & Making the Sport Exciting
01:26:25  Matthew Centrowitz
01:39:12  Runners, Emma Coburn & Krissy Gear
01:41:28  Ben’s Most Proud Race
01:43:11  The Olympics Isn’t Everything
01:51:20  Non Profit: The Endless Mileage Project
01:53:49  Ben’s Running Idol Growing Up
01:55:23  How Eugene, Oregon’s Environment Has Shaped Cam’s Career
01:59:30  How Has Running Shaped Bowhunting for Cam
02:02:27  Cam’s Motivation for Running & Hunting
02:10:49  The Unknown in Hunting & Being Prepared for Hard Days
02:15:29  Outro

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