KHC063 Remi Warren

Join us for a discussion with Remi Warren, hunting guide, outfitter, outdoor writer, photographer, videographer, and TV personality. In this episode we’ll talk about Remi’s favorite hunts, using real life situations in practice for hunting and more!!

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0:00:00  Intro: Remi’s Podcast
0:03:38  Becoming One of the Greats in Hunting
0:07:10  Difficult Hunts for Remi & Not Hunting for Score
0:13:34  Aggressive Bulls During Elk Hunting
0:18:53  Why Remi Likes Mule Deer Hunting
0:25:08  Memories of Success Over Failures
0:29:27  Remi’s 220 Mule Deer
0:39:32  Storms & Getting Struck By Lightning
0:43:04  Hunting Whitetail
0:47:31  A Bowhunter’s Best Tool or Skill
0:51:18  Pet Peeves & Barriers in Hunting (Sound)
0:58:33  Wind Awareness in Hunting & Keeping Data After Hunts
01:03:59  Creating Real Life Hunting Situations in Practice
01:19:48  Remi’s Perfect Hunting Situation
01:24:28  Question 1: The Easiest & Toughest State to Hunt in
01:27:58  Question 2: One Tag for the Rest of Your Life, What’s the Hunt?
01:29:16  Question 3: Identifying a Good Guide or Outfitter
01:33:15  Taking Other People Hunting VS Guiding
01:41:20  Question 4: Remi’s Most Memorable Hunt
02:00:48  Remi & Cam’s Dream Hunt
02:05:10  Remi Role Model Growing Up
02:09:55  The Challenges of Hunting Alone & the Loss of “Pioneerism”
02:18:53  Western Hunting
02:21:43  Being One of the Biggest Names in Hunting
02:27:06  Outro

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