KHC062 Solo Podcast

Join us for a discussion with Cam Hanes and James G. Williams. They’ll be talking about David Goggins, running marathons (struggles, goals and successes) and Cam’s dad, Bob Hanes.

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0:00:00  Intro: Who is James G. Williams?
0:05:54  How Cam Met David Goggins
0:12:03  Lifting with David Goggins
0:18:43  Cam’s Fastest Marathon
0:22:06  Cam’s Worst Races
0:27:58  Future Race Goals
0:31:34  The Struggles of Ultras & Running with Taylor Spike
0:36:35  Mental VS Physical Challenges of Ultra Marathons
0:43:31  Running to School at a Young Age
0:45:44  Lessons From Cam’s Dad, Bob
0:50:07  Articles on Bob Hanes
0:54:20  Keeping Bob’s Legacy Alive
0:57:25  Outro

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