KHC061 Aaron Rodgers

Join us for a discussion with Aaron Rodgers, NFL football quarterback for the New York Jets. He played college football for the California Golden Bears, before being selected in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers, where he spent 18 seasons.

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0:00:00  Intro: Outliers & A Passion for Growth
0:08:16  Being Present & Unplugged in Life
0:11:05  Aaron’s Experience at the Darkness Retreat
0:14:54  How Aaron Got Started in Football: “Ego Death”
0:23:22  The Transition from Brett Farve to Aaron Rodgers
0:28:44  Hate to Lose More Than You Loving to Win
0:31:20  Pressure at a Young Age
0:32:41  Earning the Teammates Trust
0:35:54  Doing Things with Intention
0:42:44  Aaron’s Football Throw
0:44:41  Aaron’s Biggest Role Model
0:47:44  Predicting Touchdowns
0:51:30  NFL Receivers
0:56:33  Beating the Best Defensive Guys
01:00:00  Bad Dude’s, “Corn Pop” & the Seahawks
01:03:07  NBA All-Stars & Aaron’s Connection with the Buck’s
01:05:59  Core Memories & Celebrating Others Success
01:13:48  The Vaccine & Aaron Being Labeled as “Dumb”
01:17:06  Pass Call on the Goal Line: Seahawks VS Patriots
01:22:05  Is the Superbowl Hard to Win?
01:26:46  Packers Game VS Patriots & Tom Brady
01:28:40  Why Aaron’s Not the #12 Anymore: Joe Namath
01:33:22  Aaron’s Different Comeback Looks
01:32:42  Aaron’s Goals for 2024
01:34:36  NFL Drafts & Aaron’s Involvement
01:37:47  Connecting with the Players
01:40:27  Outro

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