KHC060 Ken Rideout

Join us for a discussion with Ken Rideout, a runner, speaker, investor and co-host of The Flight with Teddy Atlas Podcast. Learn about Ken’s previous addictions, what started them and how running helped him repurpose his life.

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0:00:00  Intro
0:03:53  Addictions & What Led to Them
0:09:30 Being Poor to Wall Street
0:15:49  Sales Trading, Covering & Trading Commodities
0:21:28  A Fresh Start & Jack Macdowell
0:26:26  The Start of Training for Marathons
0:36:56  Ken’s Connection with The Rock
0:39:57  The Fight with Teddy Atlas Podcast & Boxing
0:48:31  Ken’s Son & Jui-Jitsu
0:52:25  Kids & Life Changing Experiences
0:58:11  The UFC, Dana White & Joe Rogan
01:03:57  Judging in the UFC
01:07:08  Thoughts on Francis Ngannou
01:12:08  Who Ken Thinks is the Best Boxer
01:17:04  Cam’s Journey & Fighting for Success
01:21:18  The “51% Mindset”
01:24:30  The Mindset of a Winner
01:32:38  Training Young Boys to Work Hard
01:35:18  Ken’s Goal With His Upcoming Book
01:42:32  Ken’s Work at a Prison
01:53:46  Micky Ward & Dicky Eklund: Childhood Struggles
02:07:13  Age & Performance
02:12:09  Outro

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