KHC058 Michael Waddell

Michael Waddell | Keep Hammering Collective | Episode 058Join us for a discussion with Michael Waddell, host of Bone Collector, hunter, guide and family man from the backwoods of Georgia!

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0:00:00  Intro: Who is Michael Waddell
0:02:51  How Michael & Cam Met
0:06:23  Michael’s TV Personality
0:10:20  Forming Brotherhood’s in Hunting
0:15:35  The Growth of Fame & Bone Collector
0:28:36  Losing Friends: The Frustrations of Success
0:27:12  Something Bigger Than “Michael Waddell”
0:34:20  “There’s Enough Cake For Everybody”
0:37:26  The Friends You Meet at the Top
0:41:58  Being a Role Model & Mentor
0:48:27  The Young Up-And-Coming Guys
0:52:35  Is Social Media the Death of Hunting?
01:02:12  Recognizing What People Need
01:06:08  You Never Forget the Negatives
01:08:24  What Kind of Hate Michael Got
01:14:27  Old Pictures & Being A Student of the Hunt
01:19:33  Never Forget Where You Came From
01:25:05  Hard Work & Dedication
01:29:06  Working With Brands
01:30:03  The American Dream
01:40:31  Bet on Yourself
01:46:59  Where Michael’s Competitive Drive Came From
01:53:53 The Pain From Losing A Mother: The Elk Story
02:02:48  Using Heartbreak to Grow & The “Why Me” Mentality
02:06:47  The Biggest Threat to the Future in Hunting
02:11:27  The Score Really Doesn’t Matter
02:18:00  Outro

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