KHC057 Dakota Meyer

Dakota Meyer | Keep Hammering Collective | Episode 057Join us for a discussion with Dakota Meyer, Marine veteran, CEO and founder of Own the Dash Gym and Dash Hydrate. Dakota is also the host for You’re Human Podcast and has a mindset that will make you double think the way you may be living your life!

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Connect with Dakota:
0:00:00  Intro: Shot Show & After-Dark Stories
0:04:47  Training for IronMan
0:07:10  Dakot’s Running Background
0:08:19  Dakota’s Running Goals
0:12:24  Growth Comes From Being Uncomfortable
0:14:57  Lessons From Football
0:16:30  Becoming a Sniper for the Marines
0:22:20  Being a Sniper is All Mental
0:25:16  Construction to Receiving the Medal of Honor
0:32:33  Mental State After the Marines
0:39:12  Survivors Guilt & Helping Others
0:43:47  Submerged Vehicle Rescue
0:50:51  If You Have the Ability to Help People, You Should
0:52:47  Memories That Change Our Lives
0:56:47  The Cost of Being Held Back From a Mission
01:02:01  Being Held to a Standard
01:06:10  Dakota’s Upcoming Book Release: Why To What
01:07:25  Dakota’s Mentor: Jocko
01:13:16  Iron Sharpens Iron
01:20:40  Controlling How You Spend Your Time
01:26:56  Escaping The Miserable Mindset
01:32: 04  Living Off What You’ve Done, VS What You’re Doing
01:37:26  Past Decisions & the Emotions Connected to Them
01:40:22  Dakota’s Current Goals
01:46:26  Outro
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