KHC056 Vincent Vargas

Join us for a discussion with Vincent Vargas, entrepreneur, actor, writer, author and producer. Vargas is most recognized for his recent portrayal on Mayans MC. In this podcast Cam and Vargas cover private prisons, border control and more!

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Connect with Vincent:

0:00:00  Book Publishing, Jocko, & ORIGIN: Book Publishing
0:05:38  Vargas’s Military Background
0:07:57  Drill Sergeant & Lower Class Kids
0:11:51  Sons in the Military
0:14:06  Cadence of the Military
0:15:16  Working for a Private Prison
0:22:27  Cam’s Prison Visit & Inmate Conversations
0:27:15  Vincent’s Tattoos
0:32:17  Lessons From the Military
0:34:29  The Border, Immigration Law & Homeland Security
0:40:09  The Immigration Trafficking Business
0:42:29  Politics & Immigration
0:49:31  Are Immigrants Getting Veteran Housing?
0:51:22  FL National Guard Help on Border Control
0:57:36  Padding Democratic Voters
01:04:30  Veterans & The Drinking Culture
01:09:47  PTSD, EMDR & Counseling
01:14:08  How Quitting Drinking Has Helped Vargas
01:18:46  Light Diffuse - Accountability Group
01:20:23  How Vargas Got Into Acting
01:24:47  Is There Money in Acting?
01:27:17  What’s Next For Vincent
01:30:15  Vargas’s Book: Borderline
01:32:54  Jon Bernthal’s Interview with Vargas
01:36:16  Outro
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