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Join us for a discussion with Clay Newcomb, host of the Bear Grease Podcast. Cam and Clay cover bear hunting, Clay’s background with the show MeatEater, storytelling in the outdoors and more!

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Connect with Clay:

Timestamps: 0:00:00

Intro: Squirrel Hunting the Ozarks 0:02:49

Bear Hunting: The Bear That Got Too Close 0:07:28

Why Bear Hunting? 0:09:56

The Reintroduction of Bears to Arkansas 0:14:56

Bear Hunting Magazine 0:17:49

Bear Management 0:23:03

Hunting Predators with Hounds 0:27:53

How Clay Got Connected with MeatEater 0:30:15

The Bear Grease Podcast 0:31:48

The Donnie Baker Story 0:36:20

Bear Grease Podcast: Fascinating Stories 0:40:10

Social Media & Hunting 0:47:23

Hunting: Having A Culture & Space to Exist 0:50:16

Clay’s Sons: Basketball & Hunting 0:56:59

Clay’s First Bear 1:00:11

What Clay Uses for Bait 1:03:54

Rural Arkansas to Joe Rogan 1:06:03

Whitetail Hunting & Why Clay Started Writing 1:12:06

Clay’s Dream Hunt 1:19:16

Rifle Hunting 1:22:00

Bowhunting: Compound VS Traditional 1:25:22

Arkansas Bear Pit Blind Kill 1:30:24

The Link Between Bear & Native Americans 1:34:28

Brown Bear Hunting 1:36:48

Clay’s Future Goals 1:40:18

Storytelling Goals 1:45:07

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