KHC053 There’s A Different Breed of Man

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0:00:00  Intro: Cam’s Favorite Books

0:04:17  A Special Breed of Man

0:08:23  Archer: Paul Schafer

0:11:23  Archer: Dwight Schuh

0:12:53  Generational Stories

0:14:36  Excerpt From 45 Unforgettable Bowhunters

0:16:38  Forward from “Backcountry Bowhunting”

0:17:32  How Cam & Dwight Became Friends

0:21:08  The Adventure of Bowhunting

0:24:56  “Deliverance” by Dwight Schuh

0:33:21  Alaska Brown Bear Hunt: Roy’s Temperament 

0:39:17  “Deliverence” Contd.

0:48:07  “A Different Breed of Man” by Cameron Hanes

0:52:14  Earning Respect From Roy

0:53:29  Roy Doesn’t Hunt for Glory

0:55:15  Outro  

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