KHC051 Legend of Roy Roth

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0:00:00  Intro: How Cam & Roy Met

0:07:11  Bigger Adventures

0:09:56  Eagle Cap: First Bull Kill 

0:13:13  Why Cam Started Bowhunting

0:15:39  Becoming an Alaskan Legend

0:20:53  Cam’s Articles About Roy

0:25:23  Alaska Legends & Bowhunter Magazine

0:27:22  Bob Ameen & “Roy’s Saddle”

0:29:07  Bumble Bay - Where’s Roy?

0:32:44  Cam & Roy’s Last Moose Hunt

0:34:26  Roy’s Buck

0:36:55  Hunting Stories Aren’t the Same Without Roy

0:38:38  Roy’s Kodiak Memorial

0:39:52  November 1995: How Bob Met Roy

0:41:47  October 25, 2015: A Sign From Roy

0:45:50  “Inspirational” by Frank Noska  

0:50:39  Cam’s Table: Roy’s Memorial

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