KHC049 Nate Endicott & Wyatt Sebright

Join us for a discussion with Wayne Endicott’s son Nate and Wyatt Sebright, a friend of Nathans. Listen in as Nathan and Wyatt talk about their 2023 big buck successes, their bowhunting lifestyle in Oregon and more.

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0:00:00  Intro

0:04:27  Raising Kids as a Serious Bowhunter

0:06:45  2023 Oregon Rifle Season

0:12:05  Technology in Hunting

0:16:15  Core Values & Protecting Hunting Areas

0:25:16  Nate’s Background in Bowhunting

0:31:51  Nate’s 2023 Buck Story

0:50:54  Endicott Films

0:53:14  Oregon Blacktail Hunting

0:58:46  Wyatt’s Buck Story

1:14:45  “The Pinnacle”

1:19:19  The End of Nate’s Buck Story

1:21:37  Wayne Endicott as a Father & Business Owner

1:26:27  Nate’s Love for Running

1:27:54  A True Obsession with Bowhunting

1:31:49  Nate’s Long Term Goals

1:35:07  Wyatt’s Long Term Goals

1:37:38  Nate Simmons

1:39:30  Bad Luck Shots 

1:44:14  Wyatt’s Mantra for Better Accuracy

1:51:48  Outro: The Most Important Lesson from the Herd Bull

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