KHC048 Bo Nickal

Join us for a discussion with professional mixed martial artist and bowhunter,  Bo Nickal. Bo and Cam cover Bo’s mindset in training and fighting, upcoming fights, bowhunting and more!

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Bo Nickal Links:
0:00:00  Intro
0:02:17  Bo’s Thoughts on the Lift, Run, Shoot
0:04:05  Bo’s Training Style
0:06:28  The Sport of Wrestling
0:12:13  Film Study for Training
0:17:03  Watching for Reactions in UFC Fights
0:19:29  Skillset: Who’s Most Susceptible to Bo in the UFC
0:21:51  Bad Matchups for Wrestlers
0:24:56  Helping with Jorge Masvidal’s Training for the Colby Fight
0:26:51  Wrestling is the Ultimate Fight Cheat Code
0:33:00  Toughman Competition
0:34:44  Bo’s Mentors
0:37:19  Bo’s Dad as a Coach
0:41:36  John Danaher & Cael Sanderson Coaching
0:48:06  Does Bo Ever Feel Like he Failed Coach Cael
0:51:36  The Mentality of 100%
0:54:50  Alignment Your Life for Success
01:04:08  Khabib as a Fighter & Mentor
01:08:33  The Right or Wrong Way to Train
01:12:37  Bo’s Love for Bowhunting
01:18:01  Being Intentional in Hunting
01:21:19  The Pressure in Bowhunting
0:29:39  Outro

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