KHC046 Andrew Huberman

Join us for a discussion with Andrew Huberman, podcaster, neuroscientist and associate professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine. Listen in as Cam and Andrew cover Andrew’s backstory, tattoos, faith and more! Listen: Youtube | Apple | Spotify


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0:00:00  Intro - Recap of Lift, Run, Shoot

0:05:25  Training Design: The Purpose of Lift, Run, Shoot

0:09:34  Andrew’s First Experience with Archery

0:15:17  Time Perception & Being in the Moment

0:19:40  The Sequence of Steps in Archery

0:20:40  Habits Never Die

0:21:58  Andrew Huberman's Backstory

0:31:00  Skateboarding & Youth Detention

0:35:27  UC Santa Barbara

0:39:10  Failure & Accepting Being a Loser

0:42:30  Community College

0:47:02  An Academic Beast

0:50:09  Why Andrew Doesn’t Show His Tattoos

0:51:09  Leaving UC Berkeley

0:53:49  Experiments at UC Davis

0:59:42  Andrew Huberman’s Faith

1:10:56  An Ecosystem of Great Podcasters

1:18:20  Andrew’s Critics

1:24:05  Improving People's Lives For Free

1:32:42  There Are No Shortcuts

1:34:31  Do Hard Things

1:39:57  Dr. Anna Lembke

1:43:19  Harvard Postdoc

1:49:36  Building Up a Sense of Determination

1:51:39  Sharing Experiences & Stories

1:55:04  Outro

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