KHC045 Truett Hanes

Join us for a discussion with Truett Hanes, Cam’s son and Guiness World Record holder of 8,100 pullups in one day.


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0:00:00  Intro - Truett’s Blacktail Hunt

0:11:44  What Hunting Means to Truett

0:17:51  High School Sports & Being Jacked

0:29:23  Truett & Tanner - An Edge in Young Age

0:41:48  Where the Journey in Pull Ups Started

0:53:49  Breaking the World Record in Pull Ups

1:07:33  The Motivation Behind Breaking the World Record

1:15:50  The Mindset of Being Tough

1:22:12  Truett’s Next Goal

1:25:00  Why Cam Started Running Marathons

 1:27:15  What Kept Cam Motivated After Kids

1:34:11  The Race Cam Dropped Out Of

1:38:17  The Feeling of Being Proud

1:41:01  Outro

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