KHC043 Evan Hafer

Join us for a discussion with Evan Hafer, founder and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company. Cam and Evan cover how Evan founded BRCC, anti hunters, military life and more. Enjoy!

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0:00:00  Intro - Corduroy Hats & Gold

0:08:57  Small Town Idaho to CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company

0:16:01  Most Important Work During Deployment

0:21:36  The Current War Against Terrorism

0:28:52  Why Our Special Forces So Great

0:35:32  A Difference Between Rural & City Guys in Training

0:39:44  Doing More Things That Scare You

0:45:14  The Brotherhood of the Military

0:50:59  Transitioning from the Military to Living in Normal Society

0:57:05  Finding Your Passion

1:04:21  Embracing the CEO Life

1:17:46  Who Inspires Evan

1:28:12  Evan’s Best Hunting Adventure

1:34:46  Cam’s Dream of Hunting all of September

1:37:46  Difference in Roosevelt vs Rocky Mountain Elk

1:41:16  Cam on his Favorite Hunts & Rifle vs Bow

1:48:11  Elk Hunting in Oregon with Llamas & Horses

1:57:19  Hunting Wild Country - Iconic Destinations

2:00:13  Wolves Impact on Idaho & Anti Hunters

2:09:04  Unique Experiences in Hunting

2:17:04  A Privileged Lifestyle

2:21:48  Outro

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