KHC042 Kevin Akers

Join us for a discussion with Kevin Akers, lineman, Oregon bowhunter, elk caller and friend of Cam’s. Kevin covers tips on determining a successful elk hunt, elk calling and more! 

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0:00:00  Intro

0:06:05  Kevin’s Key to Success in Oregon Elk Hunting

0:10:40  Any Excuse to Hunt

0:15:09  Close Hunting Connections

0:19:54  Hunting in Colorado

0:22:19  Antelope Hunting Out West

0:27:03  Cam & Kevin’s First Hunt “Ranch Bull”

0:41:22  When Kevin Started Elk Calling

0:47:52  The “Lip Ball” in Elk Calling

0:53:32  Real Elks Calls VS Hunter’s Calling

01:03:27  Cow & Calf Calls

01:07:07  Strategy Behind Calling Bulls

01:14:26  Hard to Get Bulls

01:23:07  Rifle VS Bowhunting

01:36:45  What’s Determined Elk Kills Every Year

01:50:36  Outro  

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