KHC041 Cole Kramer

Join us for a discussion with Cole Kramer, a Kodiak, Alaska hunting guide specializing in Sitka deer, mountain goat, and brown bear hunts.

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0:00:00  Intro - Guided Hunts

0:09:07  Failure in Bowhunting Bear

0:14:58  What bears are feeding on in October

0:17:32  Risks in the Wild

0:22:32  Cole’s Uncle & Wild Alaska

0:28:48  Connecting by Disconnecting 

0:38:12  Cole’s Favorite Animal to Hunt

0:42:32  Jon Blank’s Sheep Hunt

0:54:29  Taking Ex Military Guys Hunting

01:02:17  Hunting Whitetail

01:09:16  Hunting Influence & Mentors

01:21:57 Picking up “Nuggets” in Hunting

01:25:43  Dropping Your Ego & Sacrifice

01:35:14  What it Takes to be a Guide

01:38:20  Losing Close Friends & Family

01:50:31  Alaska - Waiting for the Pickup Plane

01:53:43  Hunting Mature Bear

02:02:19  How Many Bear Cole Has Shot

02:05:47  Learning Kodiak, AK for Guiding

02:12:55  Documenting Your Hunts

02:28:34  What’s Next for Cam

02:33:35  Bowhunting Sheep & Rams

02:49:48  Check Your Bubble

02:52:39  Outro

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