KHC040 Chase Rice

Join us for a discussion with Chase Rice, a country music artist focused on finding himself, hunting and fitness. Listen in as Chase shares his experiences and insights from the country music industry and his latest album, “I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell.”

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0:00:00  Intro

0:01:41  Chase’s Journey in Music

0:05:19  The Story Behind the Song “Bench Seat”

0:08:46  Social Media & Fame

0:12:12  Strategy Behind Writing Songs

0:14:52  Who is Chase Rice?

0:17:52  When Chase Started Hunting

0:22:53  Love of the Grind

0:30:28  What Brings Satisfaction

0:36:58  You and 85: Dad’s Legacy

0:45:19  The Mentality of Not Quitting

0:47:36  Who Influenced Chase’s Music

0:54:20  Road Trips and Tour Buses

0:57:01  Crowds: Who Draws the Most Attention?

01:07:31  Mixing Genres in Music

01:14:11  The Forrest Gump of Country Music

01:18:42  Cam’s Road to Success

01:21:17  You Won’t Always Be A Priority

01:24:50  Where Chase’sIdeas Come From

01:27:58  Entertainer of the Year

01:35:28  Outro

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