KHC039 Levi Morgan

Join us for a discussion with Levi Morgan, the World’s most renowned archer. Listen in as Cam and Levi talk about the differences in archery hunting versus tournaments and more!

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Levi Morgan Links:
0:00:00  Intro
0:01:46  Lift Run Shoot Recap
0:05:27  Challenging Courses
0:07:42  How Levi Became the Best in the World
0:16:57  The Next Tournament is Always the Hardest
0:18:55  Levi’s Role Models as a Kid
0:22:41  Growth, Routine & Strategy
0:28:21  Judging Yardage - “My Absolute”
0:37:18  There Are No Limits
0:38:52  Tournament Earnings
0:40:28  No Blueprint for Success in Archery
0:44:10  MANIML Mindset
0:48:52  A Legend in the Bow Rack
0:56:04  Levi’s Hunting Goals
0:57:41  Most Anticipated Hunt
01:05:21  Archery is More Intimate
01:07:02  The Difference - Hunting VS Tournaments
01:10:27  Money Shots or Screw Ups?
01:13:14  Levi’s Tips for Cam’s Shooting
01:21:18  Outro

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