KHC038 Dan Staton

Dan Staton is a podcaster, a fitness guru, and the creator of ElkShape. In a word, Dan is OBSESSED with elk hunting. Dan and Cam discuss several topics including hunting, family and human performance.

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0:00:00  Intro
0:04:50  Performance in Hunting
0:09:28  Dan Staton - Washington Elk Hunter
0:12:39 Dan’s First Bull
0:14:59  Elk Hunting Makes You Feel Alive
0:20:01  Eastman’s Magazines Sparked the Dream
0:23:59  Elk Hunting is Sunshine & Rainbows
0:25:57  Ego in the Hunting Community
0:33:41  Pushing Yourself to Evolve
0:36:10  Hunting Isn’t Comparable
0:38:38  Priorities - Balancing Family, Fitness & Hunting
0:42:33  Supportive Families in Hunting
0:51:16  Outro

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