KHC034 Brian Barney

Join us for an engaging discussion with Brian Barney, an influential leader in the bowhunting community with a great perspective on archery and the outdoor industry. Listen in as Brian shares his experiences and insights from decades of bowhunting and writing. Brian reflects on the impact of mentors and the power of hard work.


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0:00:00 Intro

0:07:30 Learning, Writing, and Hunting

0:14:20 Life is all about perspective

0:21:44 Appreciation for Bowhunting and Mentorship

0:24:00 Lessons From Overcoming Tough Times

0:29:21 GoRuck

0:30:00 Breeo

0:35:00 Navigating Negative People

0:40:00 Motivation and Doubt in Hunting

0:53:00 The Bow Only Mindset

0:56:30 Bowhunting is in our DNA

1:02:12 Wayne And The Bow Rack

1:06:00 Be Undeniable

1:11:08 Achieving Success Through Mentoring and Mindset

1:17:38 Becoming A Great Archery Shot

1:25:30 Closing


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