KHC033 Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Let's embark on an enlightening odyssey through health, performance, and personal evolution, joined by the brilliant Dr. Rhonda Patrick.


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:13:28 Protein and Timing for Muscle Repair

0:25:30 The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

0:33:10 The Miracle Supplement

0:39:20 The Importance of Sleep and Exercise

0:42:00 Exercising Because of Poor Sleep

0:52:13 Morning for Performance and Night for Creativity

0:56:08 Importance of Sun Light

0:57:00 Rhonda’s Patrick’s Knowledge Journey

1:06:22 Concerns About GMOs and Food Processing

1:12:30 Vaccine Decisions and GMO Concerns for Children

1:18:57 Opinions on Vaccine Mandates and COVID-19

1:26:14 Opinions on COVID-19 Vaccines for College Students

1:30:00 COVID-19 Origins

1:34:14 Vaccine Effects and Personal Experiences

1:42:15 Hunting, Archery, and Gratitude

1:46:00 LRS Recap

1:48:30 Thoughts on Hunting



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