KHC028 - Laura Zerra Podcast

Cave dwelling, storm chasing, traditional hunting, roadkill dining, mountain woman. Laura Zerra has done it all and has the stories to back it up. Experience the tales of a woman truly living on life’s edge. Enjoy the listen!

Enjoy the listen.


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:52 Laura’s tattoos

0:02:30 Decivilized

0:05:29 Upbringing

0:06:53 Money as a tool

0:10:00 Gratitude for what you have

0:12:02 Mindset in the mountains

0:15:05 What do you prioritize

0:17:38 Learning what is editable

0:21:15 Feral college girl

0:26:07 Consumable meat

0:35:30 Drinking urine

0:39:35 Groove Life

0:40:00 Ketone IQ

0:41:00 Becoming a hunter

0:44:00 Responsibility for a death of an animal

0:46:52 Most memorable hunt

0:53:00 Learning from hard hunts

0:57:31 Preferred method of hunting

1:10:00 Favorite Naked and Afraid

1:25:00 Food in the wild

1:28:15 Cave living

1:34:58 Worst situation you found yourself in

1:39:50 Best learning situations

1:48:00 Closing



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