KHC024 - Scoobie Da Jeweler

Starting from the economic collapse of 2008, Scoobie's determination to help his parents' jewelry store survive led him to to explore eBay and, eventually, create a hugely successful online jewelry business from scratch. His inspiring story of perseverance, minimalism, and honesty is a testament to the power pushing forward even in the face of adversity.

Enjoy the listen.


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0:02:40 - Manifesting your own Destiny

0:03:21 - eBay and the Economic Collapse of 2008

0:07:17 - 120 Hour Weeks and Expectations vs Reality

0:11:05 - Creating a Successful Online Business From Scratch

0:13:55 - The Origin of Diamonds

0:15:00 - School’s First, Family First, Ice Last

0:17:00 - The Power of Minimalism and Honesty

0:18:15 - Pushback From Competition

0:31:30 - If it Makes you Happy, go F&*king do it.

0:39:17 - Most Special Art Piece

0:44:40 - The Winning Mindset of Kobe Bryant

0:44:11 - When the Vision Gets Blurry, Stop Complaining and Get to Work 

0:46:20 - From Partying to Grinding

0:50:00 - Money isn’t Everything

0:59:00 - The Importance of Maximizing Every Day

1:03:00 - The Dream Client and the Power of Ideals



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