KHC023 - Branlin Shockey Podcast

Someone once said, “Success is measured by the number of stories a man has.” Who better to tell a story than filmmaker, Branlin Shockey. Branlin has spent decades perfecting his craft of telling hunting adventures through film with a goal of igniting the ancestral human spirit. Listen to the creator of “Once, We Were Wolves” and what drives him to inspire the world through film.

Enjoy the listen.


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0:00:00 Intro

0:02:31 The evolution of the film industry

0:04:27 Honesty of a storyteller

0:05:51 The meaning behind “Once, We Were Wolves”

0:12:00 Protecting the integrity of the hunt

0:18:40 Connection through vulnerability

0:20:43 “Keeping it real” as a creative

0:23:56 Worse to film: Cam or Jim?

0:31:00 “Because it’s there.”

0:33:00 The imperfection of the hunt

0:41:05 The false perception of what makes a great hunting film

0:48:30 What do you want to be known as

0:50:13 Deciding to wait to release the film

0:55:10 Freedom through toughness

1:00:23 Success through stories

1:11:30 Importance of spending time with outliers

1:15:33 Branlin’s future goals

1:20:22 Who has impacted you as a filmmaker

1:26:36 What was missing from “Once, We Were Wolves”

1:37:00 The bond



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