KHC020 - Nedd Brockmann Podcast

Nedd Brockmann, 24-year-old, endurance icon ran across his home country of Australia in 46-days, 12-hours and raised over $2-million to help the homeless. 

Enjoy the listen.


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0:00 Introduction

2:29 50 marathons in 50 days 

3:34 desire and change

4:38 Fuck it, if they can do it, I can do it 

9:26 Training for 62 miles per day 

12:28 How to make decisions 

13:00 People shitting on your dreams 

18:30 People who support your dreams

24:20 Nedd’s parents as role models

26:10 New generation vs old generation

28:40 Perspective gained from doing difficult things

31:30 What it takes to begin running across Australia

35:40 Young people doing hard things

38:50 Are Australians especially tough?

44:05 What’s next after you run across Australia?

46:52 We come with nothing, we leave with nothing

53:00 Success vs failure

54:20 The positive side of social media

55:24 Suffering makes people honest

56:04 Rich Roll 

57:30 What it was like to finish running across Australia

1:07:10 What it’s like to be recognizable

1:08:45 What’s Israel Adesanya like

1:15:00 What Nedd thinks of the Lift Run Shoot Experience

1:16:20 Rich Roll and podcasting opportunities

1:18:50 Who would you like to train with?

1:20:30 What’s next?

1:21:50 Normal people doing things above the norm. 

1:25:20 Wrap up and Nedd talk quickly about hunting





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