KHC019 - Kip Fulks Podcast

Kip J. Fulks, has been a f-up as a student, once spent the night in jail, worked like hell to become an honor grad in college, is a collegiate hall-of-fame lacrosse player, was a professional athlete, co-founder of Under Armour, the ultimate unpolished, “give you the hard truths” leader, while at the same time being a business savant. The lessons he’s learned in life and business could help us all. But, most importantly Kip is one of my best and most trustworthy friends.

Enjoy the listen.


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:01:46 Early UA Hunt days

0:03:32 UA Hunt at its pinnacle

0:05:55 Transitioning to Origin

0:09:00 Overseas vs. American manufacturing

0:13:35 Kip and Cam hunt highlights

0:15:00 Seeing the benefit of social media early on

0:21:47 Importance of self promoting

0:27:47 Kip vs. Truett carrying the rock

0:29:00 Lift, Run, Ice Bath

0:30:37 Kip and Cam’s years of adventure

0:33:00 Wyoming cameraman blunders

0:37:23 Snickers bar from God

0:40:02 Colorado heart attack

0:42:40 Roy’s buck

0:45:27 Return to Alaska

0:57:28 San Carlos Adventures

1:04:41 Get your ass to work

1:06:00 Paying your dues

1:08:48 Method and Mindset

1:15:00 Using measurables to be held accountable

1:20:46 Learning from outliners

1:25:10 Applying what you learn

1:30:48 Friends pushing each other

1:36:00 The Colonel

1:43:00 Big Truck Brewery

1:47:17 Ego - the bastard child

1:53:00 Closing




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