KHC015 - Courtney Dauwalter

Courtney Dauwalter, is considered the world’s best female ultramarathon runner. She might just be the greatest ultrarunner of all time, period. To me, in some ways I see her infectious smile and cheerful personality as a smokescreen, because Courtney’s unrelenting drive to push the limits of human endurance potential in the mountains, belies these fun, welcoming characteristics. Behind the smile and the kindness on a personal level, beats the heart of an absolute and fierce competitor. If Courtney comes off as a lamb, I pity the wolf that hunts her. 


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:01:10 Courtney’s LRS recap

0:02:30 Determined to hit the balloon at 100 yards

0:08:00 An honor to have Courtney on the KHC

0:09:10 Little fanfare behind ultrarunning 

0:10:51 Do you hate to lose or love to win?

0:13:20 Moab 240

0:16:00 Prerace goals

0:20:43 Strength and weaknesses 

0:25:50 Always room to improve

0:27:50 Setting lofty goals and taking care of yourself

0:31:00 Listening to your body’s signals

0:36:31 Pushing so hard

0:40:09 Courtney’s journey into endurance racing 

0:45:19 The progression

0:52:00 Quitting the first 100 miler

0:58:00 Many years of learning

1:00:00 How hard do you push in training

1:03:00 Courtney’s running future

1:05:00 Adventures or races

1:11:20 Positive thoughts translating to performance 

1:15:50 Advice to aspiring ultrarunners

1:22:24 Inspiring others to get on the trails

1:25:10 Fueling for the mountains

1:28:23 What do you think about on a 12 hour run?

1:30:25 UTMB

1:35:28 What am I capable of….

1:40:00 Tahoe 200

1:45:27 The draw of the Colorado Trail

1:49:16 Closing 

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