KHC014 - Chad Mendes Podcast

Chad Mendes, a UFC legend and avid outdoorsman, talks about his rise from 80lb high school freshman wrestler to a UFC frontrunner, shares memorable stories of the woods and elk hunting, and his transition to being a professional bare knuckle brawler. 


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0:00:00 Introduction

0:00:32 How Chad got his nickname

0:02:30 Amongst the Legends

0:06:39 Grinding from a young age

0:10:15 Losing the collegiate finals

0:14:52 Chad’s top 3 in MMA

0:18:19 Chad’s next fight

0:21:24 Most rewarding fight

0:22:55 Most disappointing fight

0:25:00 Fighter’s compensation 

0:30:43 Better bow shot, Chad or Cam?

0:31:32 Correlations between fighting and hunting

0:38:44 Chandler vs. Conor 

0:41:39 New diet

0:46:00 A passion for hunting

0:47:15 First archery kill

0:49:00 Ram hunting

0:52:23 San Carlos

1:01:25 This years hunting plans

1:01:50 Finz and Featherz

1:10:00 Journaling experiences through video

1:11:55 Training differences between bareknuckle and MMA

1:18:00 Boxing strengths

1:19:24 What would Chad be doing if he wasn’t fighting 

1:23:00 Team Alpha Male

1:24:30 Closing

1:25:17 Sponsorships

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