KHC013 - Taylor Spike Podcast

Taylor Spike - Ultramarathon runner / one of Cam’s younger brother. 

Finally, at 34 years old, after years of drinking and relying on prescription drugs, Taylor, took inventory of self and started choosing complete and honest sobriety.

Even tracking in the direction we want to go does not guarantee a destination. “Life always catches up with us,” Taylor says. For a long time he believed he was coasting through, unnoticed and unaccountable. 

In 2016, Taylor got a phone call in the morning that no parent wants.

Donavan, Taylor and his wife, Pam’s, now 22 years old son, had been killed instantly in a car accident. 

The whole family was heartbroken and lost. “Life experiences make us better, not worse,” Taylor will tell you honestly, “Life gives us all roadblocks.” Running is a different way to cope with discomfort. Running is a different way to process the pain instead of escape it. Those road blocks are no longer excuses. Life is gritty, raw, and real.

Rather than cave into old habits, Taylor launched himself into encouraging recovery in others and leading by example.



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0:00:00 Introduction

0:02:00 Big brother Cam

0:04:00 Hunting with Taylor at a young age

0:11:23 Taylor’s ultrarunning evolution

0:15:50 First success as a runner

0:17:56 Taylor’s running volume and goals

0:23:51 Mt. Pisgah summit book

0:27:32 500K feet of gain a year

0:30:30 “Everything after 10 is far.”

0:32:00 Losing Donavan

0:38:00 Pain is temporary

0:42:36 Peaks and valleys 

0:47:20 Running hallucinations

0:50:10 Becoming a running veteran

0:53:30 Crushing your old self

0:54:17 Different diets

0:57:19 Race plans for 2023

1:02:32 Greg Spike

1:09:17 Linda Spike

1:14:39 Taylor’s winter agenda

1:18:30 Candice Burt

1:21:15 Recovery Strong

1:24:00 Gratitude between brothers

1:26:03 Sponsorships

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